The Concept, Purpose, and Goals of this assignment

To continue the development of your personal world view, I encourage to you to take the online course, b4worldview. Why do I think this course is important for you?

Christians are at RISK!

It's not so much the problems of

  • declining RELIGIOUS LIBERTY, or
  • decaying CULTURE, or
  • deficient THEOLOGY

But rather it is the conflict between the beliefs in our head and the actual core assumptions in our heart.

Dr. Jeff Myers, of SUMMIT Ministries, explains in his recent book that "people who are Christians don't think Christianly" - that Christians have "secret ideas" contradicting what they say they believe. This may not be surprising, but it emphasizes the gaps that exist between what people say they believe and what they actually believe.

It is God's desire to transform our lives by renewing our minds. This is the purpose of b4worldview, Starting Points and World Views of the Western World. But you may be asking, "How does this transformation happen?"

God has given us thoughts and ideas that we could never come up with on our own thinking. The transformation process begins in our personal lives by knowing and thinking about the Word of God. It is the process called assimilation which is just a fancy word for the idea of absorption. You can think of it like a sponge soaking up water. We begin by bringing God's ideas into our mind. But absorbing the Word of God is not all that needs to take place. Let me introduce you to another fancy word, accommodation. Accommodation can be thought of as "giving way to." If there is dirt in the sponge, then it cannot hold as much water. The dirt needs to "give way to" the water. In the renewing process, our deep pre-existing thoughts (our core assumptions) need to "give way to" (be replaced by) the core assumptions spoken of in the Bible. However, this is not as easy as it might seem. Because the thoughts of God are not the thoughts of man, there is an internal struggle and conflict when we begin to accommodate the Word of God into our lives. Our mind does not naturally want to "give way to" the thoughts of God. However, when we do "give way to" the assumptions explained in the Bible, then our lives are being transformed at the deepest levels. Assimilation and accommodation with the accompanying internal conflicts is a life long process. "Giving way to" is what moves beliefs to convictions at our deepest levels - our core assumptions.

Without proper core assumptions our faith will be vulnerable when we face the onslaughts of the secular world in college and the business world.

Renewing minds and transforming hearts is at the core of Starting Points and World Views of the Western World. The b4worldview course is a continuation of this process. b4worldview is an online college-level course that explores the topic of "Worldview" at the core assumptions level. It is now available to teens and their parents!

What can you do to better prepare them to defend themselves against the onslaught of the secular influences they will face in college?
    That's what the b4worldview course will teach them!

Do you sometimes wonder how to get them to better own their faith and make it more relevant in their everyday lives?
    That's what the b4worldview course does for them!

We hope that now you see why this course might be very important for your teen.

To continue the development of your personal world view, I encourage you to take the b4worldview online course!   (And for those who wish to do a little more work and pay an additional fee to Colorado Christian University, there is a dual-enrollment option to give you 2 college credits for this b4worldview course that are transferrable to most colleges and universities. See below for details.)

                                       David Quine
                                       Founder, Cornerstone Curriculum


Video Introduction

Below is a video introduction to the b4worldview course. We recommend that parents watch this video with their teen(s). Then, if practical, we recommend a parent-teen discussion of the merits and motivations for taking this course.



The b4worldview course is divided into 10 sessions. Each session will take about 90 minutes. Each session is comprised of a series of several short lessons.

    Session 1: An Introduction to the influence of worldview in your everyday life
    Session 2: What is "Identity" and where does that fit into worldview thinking?
    Session 3: Understanding what "Walking in the Spirit" looks like in the context of your worldview
    Session 4: What is trust and how does your trust in God affect your worldview
    Session 5: How does your fallen human nature interfere with a Godly worldview?
    Session 6: How do life goals influence worldview?
    Session 7: Faith is the evidence I cannot see for the trust I must act on
    Session 8: The importance of trusting God's decrees in the context of your worldview
    Session 9: A worldview choice: the carnal (worldy) mind OR the Mind of Christ?
    Session 10: Final course assessment


    We know you must be curious about what is involved in a lesson, what it is like, and how you can continue the conversation once the lesson is over.

    The lessons are short, inspiring, thought provoking, and challenging. Graphics are strategically used to provide amplification of the idea being considered. At the conclusion of each lesson, you will be asked to answer one or more questions. The questions are designed to get you thinking more deeply about how the lesson content might apply in your life.

    We provide an optional "Parents' Discussion and Application Guide." This is a 24-page discussion guide that a parent or co-op teacher can use to reinforce the Scriptural principles and insights that connect the lesson content to the student's life.

    The best way for you to get better acquainted with b4worldview is to watch a lesson. We invite you to watch LESSON 1 with your student now.

Here is how you REGISTER for and BEGIN the course

Cornerstone Curriculum has partnered with the b4worldview organization to bring you this excellent online training opportunity. Because of our long-standing close association with them and also based on the high-volume of customers we bring to them, we have negotiated a significant 50% discount off their regular price and can bring you this course for only $74.95.

To purchase this course and begin training, you will first need to go to this page and click on the large button on the top right of this page that says, "I need an access code." After you purchase an access code, you will be emailed instructions on how to register. PLEASE NOTE: The purchase is a secure transaction, and your credit card information is NOT retained after purchase.

Once you have the Access Code, the email we send you will include a link to send you to the Registration page, enter your Access Code, and continue the registration process. When you have completed the Registration page, click on the "Register" button at the bottom of the page, and your training will start.

    Please Note: The course requires about 15 hours of online interaction to complete. This 15 hours is divided into 10 separate numbered sessions. Each session takes about 90 minutes to complete. You are NOT allowed to complete more than one session per day. The typical homeschooler will schedule 3 different 30-minute work-times per week to complete each session. That schedule will end up taking about 10 to 12 calendar weeks to complete the entire course.

    While training, when you wish to take a break, please logout by selecting "Logout" from the hamburger menu at the top right of your screen.

    After taking a break, when you want to log back in, go to: and enter the email and password you registered with. Click the "Login" button and you will be returned to the last place in the course that you were at before you logged out.



How to get college credit for this b4worldview course

If you would like to enroll your homeschooler to get college credit for the b4worldview course, here's how you do it:

    Colorado Christian University (CCU) has a dual credit enrollment option for its online courses that are being taken by high school students. This includes the b4worldview course, for which it awards 2 credit-hours of college credit transferrable to nearly any college and university in the U.S.

    If you would like an application for dual credit from CCU for this course, you can download it from this link:

    The b4worldview course is offered commercially under that brand name, but at CCU the course is known as "ST: Psychology of Identity Dissonance," which is the name of the course you will be registering for on your CCU application. The CCU catalog description for this course is:

      CCU Course Number: THE 197 (2 credit hours)
      CCU Course Name: ST: Psychology of Identity Dissonance
      CCU Catalog Course Description:

      This course is an online personalized student engagement using critical thinking exercises aimed at the student’s patterns of thought. Presented as a journey tailored uniquely for each student, students discover how their competing human and spiritual identities produce conflicting explicit and implicit belief systems. This dissonance or disharmony between “head” and “heart” affects how people really live. The student learns that three facets of identity - social, personal, natural – interact to establish self-concept. By exploring three life forms – body, soul, spirit – the student learns how competing identities affect priorities that influence the soul. The student learns about power and how the exercise of power relates to leadership and trust. The student investigates their own personality and how human nature guides judgment based on biases and filters. The student is challenged by alternative assumptions on reality, truth and needs satisfaction. The student gains perspective on “how do I know that I know.” The course assesses the student’s level of engagement, their identity profile, and how their profile changes throughout the course. This course serves as an excellent foundation for further studies in psychology, philosophy, sociology, theology, government, economics and business.

    Payment Information: When enrolling in this course for dual credit from CCU, you will have to pay a $200 fee to CCU and an additional $100 fee to Cornerstone b4worldview for the administrative and processing fees associated with this CCU course.

Do you have more questions?
Email us your questions at:


Reporting Your Results

NOT for Dual Credit:

    If you are NOT taking this course for Dual Credit with Colorado Christian University (CCU), then when you complete Session 10 (Lesson 453), simply send us an email that states you have completed all ten sessions, and we will:
    1. check our student answers database to confirm your completion,
    2. look up your engagement score (a score that was calculated as you progressed through the course that measures how much you were paying attention and comprehending), and
    3. email that score back to you.

      Send your email to:

For Dual Credit:

    If you ARE taking this course for Dual Credit with Colorado Christian University (CCU), then make sure you have completed each of the following steps (in order) BEFORE completing Session 10 (Lesson 453):
    1. Make sure you have registered for the Dual Credit option with CCU by completing their registration process at
    2. Make sure you have paid the $200 fee to CCU for the Dual Credit registration.
    3. Send an email to us at informing us that you have completed Dual Credit registration with CCU and paid their $200 fee. Include the full name of the student in your email.
    4. We will send you instructions on how to pay the additional $100 fee for our part of the additional work required. After that fee is paid, then:
    5. Have your student complete the online portion of the course (that is completed when the student arrives as Lesson 453 at the end of Session 10).
    6. We will email you instructions for the assignment of two additional short essays that your student needs to write and submit for grading. These essays will measure the student's ability to demonstrate comprehension of key concepts presented in the course.
    7. Once those essays have been graded, a course grade will be assigned and we will notify both you and CCU of that grade and your completion of the course.

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