How to get college credit for this b4worldview course

If you would like to enroll your homeschooler to get college credit for the b4worldview course, here's how you do it:

    Colorado Christian University (CCU) has a dual credit enrollment option for its online courses that are being taken by high school students. This includes the b4worldview course, for which it awards 2 credit-hours of college credit transferrable to nearly any college and university in the U.S.

    If you would like an application for dual credit from CCU for this course, you can download it from this link:

    The b4worldview course is offered commercially under that brand name, but at CCU the course is known as "ST: Psychology of Identity Dissonance," which is the name of the course you will be registering for on your CCU application. The CCU catalog description for this course is:

      CCU Course Number: THE 197 (2 credit hours)
      CCU Course Name: ST: Psychology of Identity Dissonance
      CCU Catalog Course Description:

      This course is an online personalized student engagement using critical thinking exercises aimed at the student’s patterns of thought. Presented as a journey tailored uniquely for each student, students discover how their competing human and spiritual identities produce conflicting explicit and implicit belief systems. This dissonance or disharmony between “head” and “heart” affects how people really live. The student learns that three facets of identity - social, personal, natural – interact to establish self-concept. By exploring three life forms – body, soul, spirit – the student learns how competing identities affect priorities that influence the soul. The student learns about power and how the exercise of power relates to leadership and trust. The student investigates their own personality and how human nature guides judgment based on biases and filters. The student is challenged by alternative assumptions on reality, truth and needs satisfaction. The student gains perspective on “how do I know that I know.” The course assesses the student’s level of engagement, their identity profile, and how their profile changes throughout the course. This course serves as an excellent foundation for further studies in psychology, philosophy, sociology, theology, government, economics and business.

    When should you register for the dual credit option? You may register at any time after you begin the course, but before you complete Session 10 (Lesson 453). Most people wait till after completing session 8 to make the decision on the dual credit option and begin the registration process.

    Payment Information: When enrolling in this course for dual credit from CCU, you will have to pay a $200 fee to CCU in the way they instruct you to pay at the time you register with them.

    After you have completed the registration process with CCU, then postal mail a check for an additional $100 fee to b4worldview to pay for the additional b4worldview administrative and processing fees associated with this CCU course.
      Mail your check for $100 to:
        b4worldview Dual Credit Option
        211 Providence Way
        Rutherfordton, NC 28139

        On a separate piece of paper in the envelope, please include the name of the student and your postal mailing address, your email address, and your telephone number.

      After we have received your check for $100 along with the above listed information, we will email you instructions for completing two additional short essays that will test your comprehension of the principles taught in this course. Once we grade those essays, we will compute your course grade and notify both you and CCU of your course completion and your final grade.

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