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We provide this option to make the b4worldview online lab (a.k.a. "special project sub-course") more affordable for students who cannot afford to pay the standard fee.

If you cannot afford the entire $99.95 fee, and you are willing to do some high-quality original work to earn a discount, you may petition for a scholarship discount by writing a 1000-word essay explaining in detail why you cannot afford to pay the full $99.95 fee to enroll in this course. Your essay will only be accepted if it is at least 1000 words in length, it is entirely grammatically correct, with no spelling errors, and it explains in detail why you need a discount, and how much of a discount you need. Please address several contributing factors such as how many hours per week you currently work and where and how much per month you make at your job(s); how you are currently affording to pay for your college education; what your plans are for increasing your earning potential after graduation; why you think you deserve a discount, how much of a discount you are applying for, and how you intend to pay for the portion of the fee that will not be covered by this scholarship, if awarded.

Please note: Any essays that appear to be similar to other requests we have received, will be denied. We are only interested in original work.

All essays must be submitted as either Microsoft Word or Apple Pages double-spaced documents, using either APA or MLA format. Please email your essay to and wait up to four days for a response.

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