What is it? A Traction Discipleship Discussion Group is a multiple lesson discussion group that can be conducted either in-person or via video conference (such as Zoom, WebEx, or other such Internet apps). It discusses Bible verses and personal application insights relevant to each of the 14 Trophy Insights earned while progressing through the Traction adventure app. It is led by a Certified Discipleship Leader using the “Leader’s Guide for Traction Group Discussion Questions.”

Is it a Requirement? If all of this sounds like something you have not done yet, it would be best (highly recommended, but not required) if you first attended and completed a Traction Discipleship Discussion Group before you progressed through the 12-lesson training course.

How do I get into one of these discussion groups? Whoever introduced you to the Traction adventure app probably is, or knows, a Certified Discipleship Leader who conducts these Traction Discipleship Discussion Groups (at their church, or para-church organization, or other organization). Should you not be able to find a local leader who does this, you may contact the b4worldview Traction team. We will either put you in touch with a Certified Discipleship Leader in your area, or we will register you in one of the groups taught by our professional discipleship leaders (at no cost to you). We offer these often starting at various times and it is likely that one of these groups will be offered at a time that is convenient for you. To do this, send us an email to customersupport@b4worldview.com (SUBJECT: How to Register for Traction Discussion Group) and request information about how to register for a Traction Discipleship Discussion Group.