Dr. Steve Caldwell holds a BA in mathematics from Huntingdon College, an MS in mathematics from Auburn University and a Ph. D. in Management from The Georgia Institute of Technology.

Caldwell has been a business professional, leading innovation and strategic changes. He founded Data Ventures, a data analytics company providing advanced analyses to the consumer product industry.

Steve began his academic career in 2000, teaching at several major universities on topics related to behavioral change, strategy, leadership, and motivation. He received international recognition for his scholarship in organizational change.

During his nearly 50 years as a business and academic professional, Dr. Caldwell served church and mission organizations in several ways. He was selected as Elder and Clerk of Session at Forest Hill EPC in Charlotte. While in Charlotte, he worked with Leighton Ford’s Arrow Leadership Program. Later he served as Director of Small Groups Ministry at The Church of Apostles in Atlanta.

Currently, Dr. Caldwell provides coaching and consulting services to businesses and individuals, as well as serving as a member of the b4worldview senior leadership team.