During my life, things have changed at an ever-increasing rate. Never before in the history of the world have people faced greater challenges to make sense of their life. There is instant and global access to new information from many diverse sources. Anyone can contact anybody anywhere in the world at any time. Technology has made much of life virtual and science more powerful.

The world is going global and getting more so every year. This is a world that has a long and glorious history of struggle and victory, cycles of liberation and oppression, full of heroes and villains, to get where we are today. I have visited all continents except Antarctica. I have heard the people’s story. There is more in common than differences. While I live in this time and place, the coming generations are the future. The world is advancing rapidly in so many ways. Yet, there is concern with the direction of culture and the deterioration of morality. Like the theme of the movie “Midnight in Paris,” the Golden Years are always 50 years ago.

While culture is important and needs to be engaged, in many ways the world has not changed since antiquity. I find that much of what you and I deal with is human nature. Culture changes, but there has been no progress with human nature. People still fight each other and are persecuted simply for what they believe. Smart people are on the opposite side of every issue because of biases, not the lack of reasoning. Anxiety and depression is as present as ever. The mortality rate is still 100% and the accuracy of human perception is still ZERO.

I have studied and encountered diverse views on business and economics, government and politics, religion, psychology, philosophy, gender identity, marriage, and family. I have listened to the experts in each. I am an integrated thinker, always looking for how topics relate to each other. One particular field of study has become of great interest to me in the past ten years, the study of worldviews. It is a highly developed course of study with some very smart people involved.

Worldview originated from the German word “weltanschauung,” which literally means “outlook on the world.” In this instance, “world” is not the physical planet earth, but the whole of human civilization, the ordered universe. Worldview is an interpretation and interaction with the human condition, its history, its present, and its future.

I have been aware how important worldview is and getting increasingly more so all the time. Yet, something keeps nagging at me. Something very fundamental is missing. There is something needed. I can’t find much attention being paid to it. I have concluded there is something critical that comes b4 anyone can effectively form a worldview. You must be grounded in something, or, like Twain said, your worldview may just blow through your head like a storm. You will go through life following the path of least resistance. I do not want this for my grandchildren and their children. I do not want this for you. I had to do something.

This path less traveled fits me well. I still enjoy the challenge of discovering new ideas. I am especially interested in ideas that dispel myths and expose deception. I hope you can find what I found, that exploring assumptions that come “before worldview” can be fun, create confidence, and defeat your doubts.