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Discover the hidden core-assumptions of your worldview.


Our Vision and Mission:
    We have a vision for helping Christians better understand the truths about God and His word—an understanding that contains such valuable insights that it transforms their walk with the Lord, as they get clearer picture of who Jesus Christ is and how He thinks about reality. We do this by helping Christians to discover and understand the hidden core-assumptions that form the foundation of their worldview. All Christians want to have the mind of Christ, but if they build what they read in the Bible on a foundation that is characterized by the core assumptions of their pre-Christian fallen nature, then they will continually misunderstand what they are reading in the Bible. They will have a muddied picture of who God is and how He wants to bless us.

Who are we?
    The b4worldview ’s founding senior leadership team is composed of three professionals. Their average age is over 65, so they have been walking with the Lord longer than most people.

    Their earned doctorates are in three critical areas for the b4worldview online experience.
    • Dr. Ric Routh, Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence (CEO)
    • Dr. Steve Caldwell, Ph.D. in Behavioral Change (Chief Content Officer)
    • Dr. Joseph Bartosch, Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction (Consulting Board Member)
    Each of them has decades of experience in education (including online learning) and business. All three of them regularly mentors successful business executives in other businesses.

    They all have served in higher education for many years. The b4worldview products and services play a critical role in addressing our yearning for transformation in higher education and beyond.

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