We are so glad you decided to become a discipleship leader!!! Thank you for wanting to help other Christians to more consistently walk in the truth and freedom of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is The truth, and to walk in the fullness of His grace is freedom. In this training, you will learn how to effectively share this Truth and freedom with other Christians. This will change their lives, and encourage you greatly as you watch it happen!

We have a FREE online 12-lesson leader training course that will teach how to be a really great discipleship group leader. But to properly prepare you for that course, we ask you to complete three prerequisites:


Step 1: Go through the Traction adventure.
You need to do this so you will have experienced what you will be asking others to do.

Step 2: Do the the Traction adventure again,
but this time answer all the questions differently from what you did the first time. This will let you see what others who may not think like you will be experiencing as they go through the Traction adventure—it can be quite a different experience!

Step 3: Participate in a Traction Discipleship Discussion Group as a member of the group (not yet a leader). This will give you the fuller Traction experience and let you experience what your group members will experience when you are the leader.

After you have completed the above prerequisites, you can begin your 12-lesson leader-training!